Why did you choose an apprenticeship?
DW: I wanted to develop new skills as I was already at college. Most of all I wanted to make sure those skills were applicable in an actual working environment, so an apprenticeship seemed to offer all of that.

JG: I chose an apprenticeship because it combines both theory and actual, practical skills development. It is also a gradual introduction to a very technical environment, which is critical for some of the skills we rare developing and some of the tools and machinery we work with.

What have you learned since taking on an apprentice role?
JG: I have developed a diverse set of skills, including welding, fault finding and rectification, asset maintenance and electrical installation.

DW: I have also learnt correct engineering principles and procedure, taking one step at a time but still being aware of how what I am doing fits into the bigger picture.

Would you encourage other people to consider an apprenticeship?
DW: For younger people, apprenticeships are a really important option: it can take a bit longer to combine all the elements together but they are clearly worth it.

JG: It is also worth looking at if you want to retrain – again, it may take a bit of time, but if you want to return to engineering or develop a new skill, apprenticeships are a great tool. I would also say that the EEF is a great partner for this as they teach the skills you actually use and need in the workplace so when you are on site, you are not just watching, but doing.

What do you plan to do following your apprenticeship?
JG: For me it is all about amassing experience and improving the skills I have just learnt.
DW: I would like to add to these qualifications. I am really interested in the new masters level apprenticeships, but that is a way off.