A process of elimination?

For years now, IT vendors serving the process industries have been convincing themselves and their users that central control and management of recipes and processes is the way to go. Andrew Ward finds it might not be.


Goodridge gearing up

When small specialist motorsport pipes and hoses manufacturer Goodridge wanted to gear up for growth it went for IT slightly out of its league. But it paid off, says Brian Tinham.


The Virtual OEM

Celestica is a member of the fast-growing, highly competitive electronics contract-manufacturing market. Dean Palmer discovers that supply chain visibility and collaboration are key to the company's success.


Transforming to an e-business?

As we enter the official new millennium, it’s time again to reassess our manufacturing businesses and then IT that underpins them. Brian Tinham hears it from those at the top in the enterprise software vendor community.


Is your supply chain supplying?

Asking supply chain IT vendors how manufacturers should devise an IT strategy reveals some contradictions and concerns about enterprise systems. But it also shows a lot of common sense and shrewd insights, as John Dwyer ...


Infrastructure matters

Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, IBM and their ilk provide the platforms upon which our manufacturing businesses infrastructures increasingly so depend. Brian Tinham dips into their strategic thinking and advice.


Collaborate to accumulate

E-business is no longer something manufacturing can afford to ignore. Dean Palmer talks to some key e-business vendors, who believe that a strategy based around e-procurement, supply chain collaboration and Customer ...


98 per cent wrong?

In an exclusive interview for MCS, Dr Eli Goldratt, author of the manufacturing management best seller The Goal, whose new book ‘Necessary but not Sufficient’ has just been published, speaks to Brian Tinham about where ...


Home and away on the web

An integrated, web-based parts ordering system for its caravan and after sales dealerships is increasing ABI’s efficiencies hugely. Frank Booty checks out the lessons to be learned from a firm that ramped from nothing ...


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