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Princes turns to mySAP.com

Supply chain and enterprise IT isjust as much at home in process businesses – although links to plant remain limited. Brian Tinham talks to Neil Crew, Princes’ manufacturing systems manager.

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Winning the Race

When motor sport manufacturer and rally operator RML needed to jump-start its complex engineering, manufacturing and rally project business it found a modern ‘make-to-order’ enterprise system could do even more than it ...

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Making supply chains fly

Effective and efficient supply chain operations require more than just integration: you need trust, business arrangements, collaboration and synchronisation. Frank Booty explains.

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Making the impossible possible

When a software company serving the global medical equipment manufacturing market had to be set up fast, it found application service provision was the only answer. Geoff Lock reports.

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Making the e-business case

Collaborative supply chain working is the way forward – not so much stripping out ‘wasted processes’ as centralising real time information and process routes using web exchanges. Andrew Ward explains.

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Snowball effect

British American Racing (BAR), a relative newcomer to the world of Formula One design, is using web-based collaboration tools to give it an edge over its competitors. Dean Palmer discovers that this is just the tip of ...

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Shopping malls on the web

Siemens Automation and Drives’ success with its web-based sell-side supply chain owes much to the fact that it thought about its customers’ and users’ needs. John Dwyer reports.

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Stripping out inventory and time

Synchronising supply chains, so that all participants are simultaneously aware of new demands and new opportunities via web technologies, is the way to go. But getting there will require determination and re-thinking. ...

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E-engineering: visualising the future

Remote design teams are now using web-based collaboration and visualisation tools to help solve potential design problems up-front, reducing time-to-market for new products, writes Dean Palmer.


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