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'Braking' from tradition at Arvin Meritor

Despite having to overcome integration problems between its existing ERP system from Oracle and a new finite scheduling system from Mapics, automotive parts manufacturer Arvin Meritor has managed to cut its stock levels ...

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Half way up and still a mountain to climb

When rock climbing gear manufacturer DMM decided to move to better, integrated business management, and IT, the firm made great progress – until it came to manufacturing. Brian Tinham reports.

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Doing it right: lessons from the coalface

Implementing enterprise systems is no mean feat: at stake is the health of the entire company – and more often than not almost everyone in it is affected. Brian Tinham talks to manufacturing users who’ve been there, ...

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Making sense of e-business in manufacturing

What we want to know is how and which aspects of ‘e’ are most likely to save or make us money and/or improve our competitiveness and our customer service – and allow us to survive and prosper in a changing world. Brian ...

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Stand up and be counted

Broadband communications are essential to the success of e-business in the UK, yet the infrastructure is by no means universally in place. Nigel Hickson, head of e-business group at the CBI, urges manufacturers to make ...

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Going private on web exchanges

With the scale of high profile dot.com and web marketplace crashes, it’s easy to discount them as a blip on the business landscape, or at best appropriate only to e-procurement of commodities and non-production items. ...


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