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ERP is dead: long live ERP

ERP is dead: long live ERP! In the huge diverse middle manufacturing sector, modern ERP is absolutely providing the foundation for a whole spread of important add-ons that are increasingly essential. John Dwyer explains.

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Doing it the ASP way

What can application service providers offer manufacturers that they can’t achieve for themselves? Annie Gregory cuts through the ASP controversy and assesses where it works best, how and why.

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BAE Systems lands massive savings

When Saab-BAE Systems needed to redesign the Gripen fighter landing gear and streamline its assembly for the export market, it found that simulation proved even more powerful than it imagined. Brian Tinham explains.

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Real time networks: think strategically

Knowing which fieldbus technology to go for can be a real minefield for engineers. But the important thing to bear in mind is the potential business benefits, writes Dean Palmer.

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Back to front integration

Premier Paper has replaced its manual order processing system with a fully integrated, web-based application for its customers. New business, plus a 15% saving on overheads, are just two of the benefits, writes Dean ...

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Racing to CAD collaborate

Although there are seriously powerful developments aplenty that ought to be setting the design engineering world on fire, with collaborative initiatives across the industry sectors, culture and practical problems are ...

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Three lines for the cost of two

Using advanced planning and scheduling (APS) software across its body build facility, Nissan is now producing a third new car model along two of its existing, dedicated assembly lines. As a result, the plant has seen ...

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Food for thought

The sheer scale of differences between the process industries and discrete manufacturing makes most modern ERP systems, which were developed primarily for the latter, a poor fit with the former. John Dwyer looks at the ...


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