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Money for jam?

Having implemented advanced planning and scheduling, Chivers Ireland is now on track to embrace developments with e-business. Anna Kochan reports.

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Putting the colour back in Ciba

Ciba Specialty Chemicals has become a customer-focussed business. Dean Palmer investigates how business intelligence software and CRM have helped bring this about.

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e-business: driving the engines aftermarket

As a result of its new e-business aftermarket strategy, Perkins Engines, a UK manufacturer of diesel engines, predicts a 5-10% increase in revenue from spare parts and maintenance services. Dean Palmer reports.

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A Rolls-Royce approach to e-business

Getting serious e-business working for a company the size and diversity of Rolls-Royce is forcing a complete re-examination of everything from business processes and working practices to the IT itself. Brian Tinham ...

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Making waves with time and attendance

Return on what amounts to relatively low investment well within the year – and improvements in efficiency and customer service – are among promises of integrating time and attendance with enterprise systems. Dom ...


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