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Mind the virtual gap

Selling via the web can be very rewarding, but making it so is about far more than creating a slick, fancy website. John Dwyer finds out how to do it properly.

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e-manufacturing a suitable strategy?

Manufacturing enterprises everywhere are under growing pressure to take the ‘e’ leap. And the claimed benefits are legion. But how do you build a winning e-business strategy? Brian Wall takes up the challenge.

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The Low Hanging Fruit

e-procurement is often called ‘the low hanging fruit’ of e-business. But plucking that fruit involves some serious stretching and thorn avoidance. Brian Davis explains.

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The information roller coaster

Integration, manufacturing execution systems (MES) and communication, enabled by web and mobile technologies as well as plant and business IT standards, should change manufacturing fundamentally, writes Andrew Ward.

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PDM: making collaborative working work well

The Internet is revolutionising the whole product lefecycle process. But now, even small to mid size manufacturing companies can afford to adopt collaborative working practices over the web, writes Dean Palmer.

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Much more than mere payroll

Moving electronic time and attendance systems way beyond their original purpose can be a low cost way of getting accurate manufacturing costing and better flexibility. Geoff Lock explains.

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From a Corner-Shop to a Hypermarket

Whitman Labs manufactures goods for one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies, Estee Lauder. By implementing a shop floor data capture system from MCS Industrial Software, the company has increased throughput by ...


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