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From a Corner-Shop to a Hypermarket

Whitman Labs manufactures goods for one of the world’s largest cosmetics companies, Estee Lauder. By implementing a shop floor data capture system from MCS Industrial Software, the company has increased throughput by ...

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Intelligence becomes key

The future’s scary; the future’s any colour you want! Brian Tinham talks to Prof Peter Cochrane, former chief technologist for BT about what the collision of computing and telecomms will bring.

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More to it than meets the ‘I’

Theoretically, e-synchronisation can strip out huge amounts of cost and latency from supply chain activities. But, as Annie Gregory points out, industry needs to grapple with several issues to reap the benefits.

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Maintenance gets smarter

The Internet is opening up a whole world of new opportunities for manufacturers and their users wanting to get smarter with maintaining equipment and systems wherever it is and wherever they are. Geoff Lock explains.

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Trains planes and 3D web CAD

The Internet and collaboration are the biggest deals in mid range CAD today, with moves afoot to allow 3D models created for engineering to be used throughout the organisation right out to manufacturing and beyond. Dr ...

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A process of elimination?

For years now, IT vendors serving the process industries have been convincing themselves and their users that central control and management of recipes and processes is the way to go. Andrew Ward finds it might not be.

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Goodridge gearing up

When small specialist motorsport pipes and hoses manufacturer Goodridge wanted to gear up for growth it went for IT slightly out of its league. But it paid off, says Brian Tinham.

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The Virtual OEM

Celestica is a member of the fast-growing, highly competitive electronics contract-manufacturing market. Dean Palmer discovers that supply chain visibility and collaboration are key to the company's success.


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