MSC Manufacturing Outlook 2018

Are your suppliers part of the solution or part of the problem when it comes to driving growth, reducing your costs and helping you manufacture more?


Hindering hackers

Research suggests that companies, including manufacturers, acknowledge cyber threats are a risk to their business, but many are unprepared. Adam Offord asks what steps UK manufacturers can take to improve their cyber ...


A chain reaction

More than 10% of manufacturers fear that all or part of their organisation could go out of business as Brexit pressures mount, according to a new CIPS report. Is there anything that can be done to shore-up the nation’s ...


The changing face of energy

By 2030, energy managers will become some of the most important members of a manufacturing operation. Jon Bauer, chief technology officer at Inenco, speaks to Manufacturing Management about how industry should take a ...


Employment Law: November and December 2017

This month, our employment law specialists examine how to deal with intra-team relationships, the law surrounding shared parental leave following the birth of a child and taking an injunction against a former employee ...


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