Mind Matters

Just one in eight UK manufacturing managers receive training in mental health and, while more is being done to help employees who suffer from mental ill health, progress has been slow. MM looks at some of the support ...


The S-word

Manufacturing is an industry blighted by a shortage of skilled workers, a roundtable of leading figures in Scottish industry and education heard – but there are ways the two can work on bridging the gap


Creating a safe warehouse

Manufacturers are being hit with large fines and suffering reputational damage in the wake of entirely preventable forklift truck accidents. Training operators in the safest way of using these 'warehouse workhorses' can ...


Part and Parcel

As Industry 4.0 continues to enter the mainstream, manufacturers are becoming more open to new ideas, Simon Adams, managing director of Werma UK told Manufacturing Management. But, he warned, they must be careful not to ...


Employment Law: October 2017

This month, our employment law specialist takes a look at making changes to shift patterns for new starters, disciminating against religious symbols in the workplace and curbing the influence of a particularly ...


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