Graphical business process capture, simulation, analysis, design and change management should be easier, following business process automation specialist BsoftB’s release of its V9 Creator 1.5 business process management (BPM) software which, according to the company, majors on web-based collaboration. BSoftB says its ‘drag and drop’ functionality will revolutionise the entire process by allowing companies to become more flexible and reactive to change. But there’s more than that: its web service architecture means that any service, whether supplied by external applications or provided internally, can be integrated, allowing collaborative processes to be embedded and automated. “Business process management is about companies regaining control of what systems can deliver to their business,” says Dr Ian Darbyshire, chief technology officer, BSOFTB. “Organisations now realise that it is not enough to simply link applications. Processes must be matched to create a seamless flow of information across the net liberated enterprise. “V9 Creator 1.5 creates real-time flexibility by allowing managers, and not necessarily highly skilled IT people, to automate and change business processes. Therefore, companies can now react quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions and the need to collaborate across customers, partners and suppliers.”