The bespoke machine is a joint project by Coronation Candy, Blackpool’s largest rock making factory and manufacturer of handmade confectionery, and Loynds, worldwide supplier of candy, chocolate and wrapping machinery.

The production of candy canes is usually out-sourced to North America and China and is a labour-intensive skill. This is due to the bend in the candy cane being so difficult to perfect. The new machine creates the bend in the candy through a precision, mechanical engineering process of heating and blast chilling, allowing them to be produced in large quantities with just four to five operators on the production line.

A minimum of 300,000 candy canes will be made each day by the new machine, which will be a massive boost to the British export of the candy cane, enabling Coronation Candy to tap into the international market of over £4 billion candy canes sold worldwide per year.

Colin Levene, finance and strategy director at Coronation Candy, said: “The launch of the new machine comes at a significant time of growth for us a company, as we continue to expand our lines throughout the international gifting and confectionery markets. We had a record month last year and we expect this to increase in line with the new product outputs and diversity of new lines and flavours.”

Colin continued: “The engineering and manufacturing of the new machine has been a complex and interesting process and we are incredibly pleased to have worked with Loynds on this project, drawing from the wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise from this established and well-respected local business.”

Cllr Mark Smith, cabinet member for regeneration, enterprise and economic development, said: “It is fantastic to see Blackpool as a centre of excellence in food production and manufacturing. There are some fantastic businesses in and around the Fylde Coast that are championing our home-grown skills and talent within an overseas market.”