Leading pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has completed implementing IT consultancy Logica’s new web-enabled WebFormulogic collaborative product development system. The firm says it expects the system, which builds on the firm’s earlier implementation of its predecessor, to further speed time to market and reduce waste without affecting quality. And with delayed product launches costing upwards of £700,000 per day in this sector, this represents big money. It will do so by enabling AstraZeneca to globalise standards and quality in its formulations, while minimising costly reworks and ensuring that all information is considered on a global scale. Says Dr Chris Doherty, director, product development, “Logica’s new web-enabled version of Formulogic supports us in our objectives to assist our international team collaborating on common projects and processes. “Now, our formulation processes can be deployed globally and several different new product development groups can use it at any one time, providing us with a competitive advantage to bring new drugs to market faster and more efficiently.”