The up-coming Computers in Manufacturing Show (CIM 2001) is to see the launch of SME (small to mid size enterprise) manufacturing IT vendor McGuffie Brunton’s new software component-based architecture system, dubbed Solutions. It’s all about making integration with McGuffie’s Syspro Impact Encore ERP system easier through the use of Microsoft’s COM (Component Object model) technology which provides a standard way of accessing the system’s business logic. Essentially, it delivers Impact’s functionality as discrete COM objects of code, accessible by languages like VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or Active Server Pages. McGuffie sales director Howard Joseph says SMEs will see several benefits in integration terms. First, it allows them to integrate any COM-based third party applications, like CRM (customer relationship management ) and the rest, into Impact Encore. Second, it enables up-and-coming mobile connectivity – direct access to ERP from mobile phones, etc. Third, users will be able to create web-based applications. Functionality here includes Solutions’ Document Flow Manager, which automatically routes sales orders etc to appropriate COM components using XML for process and workflow automation.