Michelin say that the Dundee site has faced many hurdles in recent years that it hasn’t been able to overcome. This site in particular exclusively manufactures smaller tyres of 16 inches or less, of which there has been a decline in the market. The demand has also moved overseas, with most products now being shipped from Asia.

Despite multiple action plans and several investment schemes, the company said that keeping the site open is “not financially viable”. Michelin intend to close the site by mid-2020.

However, the Group will implement a personalised support programme for each of the factory’s employees. It said: “In addition to enhanced redundancy packages and early retirement measures for employees at the end of their career, Michelin will propose a comprehensive plan to assist the employees concerned to start a new career as quickly as possible. This plan will include intensive support to find a new job, relocation assistance, and tailor-made programmes including skills retraining.”

Many of the Dundee workers are represented by the trade union Unite, meaning the closure will not come easily. Michelin is also Dundee’s largest industrial employer. It said that its “truck tyre retreading business, as well as sales and distribution of all its products and services in the UK” will continue.