The number of new pallets produced by UK firms in that time has remained virtually the same as the previous year, while the number of repaired pallets has risen by more than 6%.

The figures suggest that pallet companies are holding steady on new production, whilst pallet repairs are seeing a healthy, sizeable increase.

Speaking about the issues raised, Phil Chesworth, managing director of Midland Pallet Trucks, said: “These issues have been building up for more than a while. Speaking to clients, we know that short-log stocks have been hard to come by and we’ve been hearing a lot about the need to maintain and repair pallet stores. Many of the businesses we work with are weathering the shortage and improving their existing stock to extend life-cycle, which is also having a really positive impact on sustainability for the industry overall.”

The figures suggest those in industry are managing to accrue enough short-log stock to maintain current levels of new pallet builds for now. However, on-going shortages could see the numbers of repaired pallets rise even higher as firms look to take care of what they have at hand.

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