Stock accuracy, inventory control and efficiency of warehousing operations are to be improved at Volkswagen UK’s parts distribution centre in Dordon, Warwickshire, owned and operated by TNT Logistics, following its decision to roll-out Psion Teklogix terminals. The firm says it’s looking for real-time wireless data flow between mobile workers and the central LIS Dispatcher WMS (warehouse management system). The terminals will be used by mobile workers for order-picking, replenishment and inventory put-away, and the firm says it expects also to enhance supply chain efficiency and customer service as it gets real-time updates, enabling it to prioritise tasks and optimise warehouse performance. The new 650,000 sq ft distribution centre will see mobile workers using more than 100 Teklogix hand-held and vehicle-mount terminals, and Psion Teklogix is also supplying Markpoint compact printers for labelling and tagging goods as changes are made to inventory. “The scale of our new UK warehouse and distribution operation, makes it vital for us to maintain absolute control over all of our warehouse transactions, at all times,” says Andy Williams, parts logistics manager for VW. “With the Psion Teklogix solution providing immediate updates to our WMS we will know exactly which tasks have been completed and where all goods are at any given time.” “The success of the operation depends upon 100% RF scanning within the new warehouse, working through a powerful WMS,” says Rob Elton, account director of TNT Logistics. “This will give TNT the operational control needed to deliver the highest quality service. We have chosen Psion Teklogix as the supplier … after a rigorous selection process.”