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Apetito angles for smart SAP implementation

Frozen meals manufacturer apetito in the UK, which serves primarily local authorities and NHS Trusts, is to use Diagonal Consulting for its impending SAP implementation, which will bring it into line with its German ...

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Supplier management goes a bit further

United Technologies Corp, the giant high tech manufacturer primarily in the aerospace and building sectors with companies like Pratt & Whitney and Carrier, has invested in web-based procurement software and services ...

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Peugeot Citroën goes for PeopleSoft CRM

Automotive manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroën Group selected PeopleSoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) software at the end of last year in its bid to bring management of customer data in house as distributors ...

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SME manufacturers to get platform freedom

Manufacturing SMEs wanting to gain IT platform independence for their ERP, as Linux and IBM’s Websphere grow in popularity alongside Microsoft, are increasingly able to do so – and latest to make the offer is Exel. ...

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Microsoft CRM now due out after the summer

Microsoft Business Solutions in the US has finally released its CRM (customer relationship management) system, claiming that “the offering allows mid-market businesses to take advantage of technology and related ...

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AS/400 rides out yet again, now with services

IBM’s mid-market manufacturing workhorse iSeries packaged server (formerly the AS/400) has been re-invented yet again, with new on-the-fly additional capacity services, bundled Windows 2000 and Linux support and mostly ...

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Organisation is key to business success

Management is the key factor making the difference between success and failure in CAD/CAM projects, not IT. IT itself is now taken for granted, according to a new report, and the governing factor is what you do with it. ...


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