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IBM and IBS join forces

For manufacturers and distributors that need to integrate and coordinate different ERP systems within separate sites and between their supply chain partners, a new alliance between IT giant, IBM, and supply chain ...

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Product classification solved?

“Product sellers and buyers face the same problems,” says Dan Poirier, vp sales and marketing at product content management vendor, Saqqara. “It’s all about managing product content from multiple sources in varied ...

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Hallite sealing ERP implementation with Exel

Hallite Seals, part of Wellington Holdings, is installing a 50-user Efacs enterprise management (ERP) system from Exel Computer Systems for its Hampton HQ. The system is expected to go live in May, and will replace the ...

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FSL gets new ERP in 12 weeks

Fleet Support (FSL), the Portsmouth-based ship repairer for the Ministry of Defence, has agreed a 110-user, £74,000 deal with enterprise software vendor, Mapics’ UK affiliate, Open Business Solutions (OBS), to upgrade ...

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25% time savings at Lotus

“Before we had I/Check, only 10% of CAD models [Catia] submitted for checking were accepted first time. Now it’s up to 60% and rising,” says Simon Ward, applications engineer for Norfolk-based automotive engineering ...

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UK manufacturing SMEs failing on e-commerce?

New research from package delivery specialist, ParcelForce, has revealed that UK small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may be failing to realise the potential benefits of e-commerce. Dean Palmer


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